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Originally Posted by flamesblackace View Post
I love it! Trash talk, pre chatter, pre gestures, post gestures, post antics... Love it all...

Wish the NHL wasn't such a bunch of babies and let a little more of it happen... Why not rub it in the face of the guy you just pounded after he has been beaking at you all game... that is real sport... Be a man, don't be scared of a little razzing or being yapped at.
This isn't the WWE or the NFL, for that matter, a classy player lets his play do the talking and knocking someone out speaks volumes, why stand over him and berate him even more or talk trash?

It just shows what a classless prick you are when you do stuff like that.

There's a line I think, you can wave your hands a little bit to pump up the fans or whatever but any kind of taunting, throat slashing, whatever, to make the other guy look bad is just garbage.

You can see that crap on Raw if that's what you like.
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