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My favorite hockey fan...
Denis Leary/NHL cx - YouTube
I worked as a production assistant on a movie called "Dawg" when I first moved out to Los Angeles in 2001.
I moved from Boston to L.A. and didn't know anyone except for Kevin Smith and Jay Mewes (Jay and Silent Bob). lol
I brought a bunch of old Bruins fight tapes to the set and we used to hangout with Leary and his assistant Steve watching fight tapes in Leary's trailer during the day as we prepared for filming.
When my time was up on the film, I was only second production and was only supposed to be working on the movie for a week, Denis hooked me up with a security job that paid more then my production job and I got to work on the rest of the movie with everyone and get paid pretty well.
Great guy!
Getting to hang out with Leary and Elizabeth Hurley every day/Marc Curry etc.
Good times!
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