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Crib is great. Except I hate playing when other people can steal the points you missed counting. Cause I'm usually drinking when I play and tend to do that quite a bit and I ain't quick enough to check my opponents score when they lay their hand down so I don't bother. For cards I also like some of the basic games like Hearts, 31, War, Go Fish, Crazy 8's Countdown. never really figured out Euchre but some of the guys used to play that on the bus lots in my jr hockey days.

Played hold 'em poker a bit years ago but that game is honestly boring as hell. I don't mind playing one game but everyone expects you to play like 4 games each time you sit down and I just don't have the attention span.

For board games I like Trivial Pursuit cause I'm a bit of a trivia guy, Scrabbles ok, hate monopoly, Clue was fun as a kid rummoli too.

Played Catch Phrase about a month ago for the first time while drinking at a buddies and that was pretty fun.
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