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Originally Posted by LaReina View Post
Something about that "fight" really just didn't sit well with me.

Granted, I don't know if there is history between Boro and Nielson, but that wasn't a fight, that was a violent kick a man when he's down kind of crime. Nielson had a roid/bath salts rage going on that didn't seem to come from any specific place and it was entirely uncalled for. I am a little disappointed my BSens didn't actually try to take him off of Boro... but they know better than me.

I will cheer and scream for most any good hockey fight, but I was actually disturbed by that. I didn't hear anyone near me that enjoyed that "fight"
I think Boros had an ongoing thing with that whole Crunch team, he gets on everyones nerves, and he can def be pretty cheap. Seems the same with other teams too. I wanna see a video of this incident, but Im assuming it was kinda like a Sean Avery needing a beatdown deal.
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