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Trout vs Cotto was a good hard fought fight. It went as I expected for the first six rounds. It didn't surprise me to see Trout have two good rounds to start the fight off and it didn't surprise me to see Cotto begin to overwhelm him slightly for the next four rounds. What did surprise me is how Trout turned in it on and began being busy and fighting Cotto hard for the rest of the fight. After the six round it went back and forth with Trout winning most of each round but Cotto landing some good flurries and working the body well stealing some of the rounds. Cotto also at times began to dance around and box well avoiding some flurries from Trout. After the tenth I had the fight dead even.. But Trout came out and took the last two rounds easy boxing beautifully and Cotto just couldn't seem to get anything going on him in the last two rounds. To be honest I had only seen Trout in the fight with Rodgriuez and he didn't show a lot at all in that fight but he looked very good against Cotto last night. It was an excellent performance and proves Trout is one of the top 154LB fighters. I would like to see him fight Canelo next I think he could give Canelo some problems and would be a very tough test.

First time watching Tyson Fury last night. Didn't see anything to impressive from him at all. Certain rounds he looked real good but also looked very lackluster. Every time he took a decent shot from Johnson it looked like it stung him a little bit. I do think he'd pose an interesting match up against a Klitschko because from what I saw he is a similar style of fighter to the Klitschko's in some ways.
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