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Originally Posted by leon phelps View Post
I love hearing how owners take risks. open the books up and then let us see how much of a risk reward there really is.

We hear about teams losing money for long periods of time, but lets see a tax doc before we get another owner crying all the way to the bank.
Good thing you like hearing it, because its true. The owners foot the bill for everything. From contracts to staffing to transportation to equipment to traveling and on and on. The expenses get paid whether 160 or 16000 fans show up. The contracts get paid if the player has a good year, or tanks. I assumed you were referring to my post, because I was the only one who used the term "risk" in this thread. You should probably note that the word FINANCIAL preceded the word risk. Tell me, Leon- what risks do the players take? Tell me about their health risk and I'll laugh at you.
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