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[quote=flex_buff_chest;2529736]So are fatties off limits to make fun of? It's a joke. People always think things are hilarious until the joke comes to them.

Yes, there are some people who can't help be fat, that doesn't mean I'm to stop making fun of fat people (a group I've been a part of for a lot my adult life). I'm not going to stop making fun of any group just because there a sad stories here and there.

I get that there are some people who can't help it. Most people can, why don't you acknowledge that?

Take a look in North America....look at the sh*t we eat. Hell, before I started this most recent diet I realized most times even when I thought I was eating healthy, I wasn't. Look a portion sizes of everything in N. America, it's f*cking amazing.

Also, I don't have any hatred towards obese people. I know they don't like it, I never liked it, but it's still funny on a level.

People need to calm the f*ck down.[/QUOTE

FBC , I guess if you get a kick out of making fun of PPL that are fat , thin , old , in a wheelchair , have downs syndrome , who am I to deprive you of your sense of humor , to the ppl you find humor in joking about you are just one of the ignorant ppl that find humor in every thing .
Now this is mot me saying this I showed my "FAT" daughter your posts , she is the one that is standing behind me as I do this post , she doesn't think you are so funny ..
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