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Love Broner's skills,hate his circus...Broner was great,and showed off all his skills.But then again he was pretty much doing it against a punching bag.
DeMarco couldn't have fought any worse.I guess his game plan was to put his gloves up to his chin,bend over at the waist,put his head in Broner's chest,and let Broner wail uppercuts and cracking right crosses at will.Broner beat him to the punch everytime.But there were stretches that DeMarco could have worked,and he just didn't let his hands go.He just ate punches all fight.

Actually Broner should just bypass the whole lightweight division,and go straight to Jr welter.There's nothing for him at lightweight.Burns maybe,but after him,nothing.He rehydrated to 148 against DeMarco and looked great.I'd love to see him in with the likes of Garcia,Khan,Matthyse..How about a Broner/Brandon Rios fight.If he wants respect now.He needs to go get it at 147,not 135..There nothing for him there.

Brian Viloria/Hernan Marquez fight was a war.Man Viloria is good.He throws some crisp hard punches,and works the body well.If he and Roman Gonzalez do hook up.It would be a great fight that I would hope HBO or Showtime puts on.Because it could only be one thing,and that's an all-out war...
Drunk again???Me too.....
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