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I compare it to auto racing.

Back in the day, there were tons of wrecks and guys died, regularly it seemed. The turn 4 wall at Indy has won more times than the Unsers, Foyt, or Castroneves combined but people don't call for an end to it.

Concussions are a serious problem in every contact sport and maybe they can figure out some science to see who is prone to them more than others and not let those guys play or something.

I think the NHL has gone too far in my opinion. One of the great draws of the game is the hitting and fighting, that's undeniable and as cool as it is to see a fast player make a dipsy doodle move around 2 dmen and top shelf a backhand while getting hacked, I'd rather see Lindros freight train 2 guys, pick up the loose puck and fire it past the goalie and then beat the crap out of the other dman left standing.

We simply won't see that kind of play again because the league and the critics don't want it and if guys are suffering serious brain damage from elbows, pucks, sticks, and fists then maybe the game simply shouldn't be played at all or played with complete player safety in mind which is no hitting, no fighting, and full cage masks.

That would suck for fans like us but it protects the players and as much as I want to see Bob Probert and Marty Mac slug it out for 2 full minutes, it's not worth it if they are dying as a result, even years later.

I don't know what else to say.
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