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Originally Posted by BobNystromOwnsU View Post
I saw a tweet from a PAC 12 beat reporter yesterday. It said USC, UCLA and ND have not played a division 1 AA team this season. The SEC played 7 yesterday. What a joke.
heres my take on that, if you play lsu and texas a&m and a sec championship game, those 3 teams are much tougher then all of ND schedule combined. so yea you might not have played a 1AA team, but you have played a bunch of sorry @ss teams. Stanford was by far your toughest opponent, and i cant give you that because of the horrid call at the end so we dont know what would have happened there. And oklahoma is overated to. They arent the same oklahoma from years past. And believe me i prolly watch more football then anyone on these boards. So i know what im talking about.
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