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That's an understatement! How can a ref call pass interference when the balls isn't at all catchable.?! Should be held accountable for brutal calls.
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Pats getting bashed on radio stations, they should horrible defense. Refs helped them out yesterday also. They will win the division by no other teams in the Div. But will also get bounced pretty quickly.
I blame the KC coaching here. No group celebration is a basic endzone rule. The D should know better. That will teach em'.
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Have the MNF game on in the background. Did KC just get a penalty for celebrating a touchdown that didn't happen, which in turn resulted in a first down for the Steelers? Once the call was overturned from fumble to incomplete, shouldn't that wipe out the penalty too? They wouldn't have been able to celebrate if the call was correct to begin with. Seems like a ripoff to KC
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