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Originally Posted by mikebflorida View Post
Perhaps I should have but I think it is really difficult for pre season games because so much video doesn't exist for them.

I remember reading about Dale Henry when he was with the Islanders organization along with Vukota and Baumgartner and they played Philly in the preseason and Henry was just a nut, he was 5-10 and went right after Dave Brown and Brownie just beat the piss out him, he went to the locker room, got stitched up, iced down, and rubbed and went right back out and Brownie beat the piss out of him again. LOL

I also remember reading about Tony Twist when he was with the Blues and how Herb Raglan, Twist, and Kelly Chase would be on one team and Todd Ewen would be on the other in scrimmages and practice and that they'd all be trying to fight Ewen, stick fights, 3 on 1, crazy stuff and Ewen always felt really isolated and resentful of the team for that. He eventually was traded to Montreal. Go figure.

Anyway, so many fights happen that we don't get to see. playoffs we do so I think those should be included and maybe guys get extra points for fighting in the playoffs, guys like Gillies, O'Reilly, McSorley, Tim Hunter, etc.

The newer generation gets severely punished for it though because so many teams don't even dress an enforcer in the playoffs. Look at New Jersey last season, did they even have a major in the playoffs? Good god.
I do agree that there are preseason fights that are not televised or ever make it to the video circuit. For me, it really doesn't matter. I judge them off what I can see whether they are preseason, practice (probie-primeau!) or playoffs. Like KP mentioned-training camp as well. If a fight isn't televised-oh well. If it is-fine by me. like I mentioned, we've seen some remarkable preseason fights over the years and it is unfortunate some don't make it to video but they should still be considered. i couldn't imagine not counting that grimson-vial preseason war. An incredible fight. I simply cannot brush it aside and say "it doesn't count because it was in the preseason". the fight happened and I saw it with me own two eyes-it counts. Another preseason dandy would by rudy poeschek dropping Probert. Not on video and that's a shame-but it happened.
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