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Originally Posted by I like Boobs View Post
Fair points - but that's why I put a guy like Brashear in there, the guy is legitimately top 5 all time (I have him at 3), and he was literally terrified of his power. I haven't been able to find a source to confirm this as third party, but I remember Gaetz saying that Kocur hit hardest and Rob Ray also said Kocur as well - and Twist broke his face! I know my buddy Turk Gallant said that many many guys were terrified of him hurting them - and it shows in how opponents fought him. After he cracked Neely's helmet, Neely was done... Dave Manson as tough a defenseman as their was in that era got dropped badly. Broke Terry Carkner's nose and jaw with a bomb... Gary Nylund was revenged when Kocur caught him. Troy Loney wasn't a world beater but he went down as well... There were very very few that ever tried him wide open. Most held on.

The only guy that really fought him wide open every time was Todd Gill, and Gill was a beauty.
Like I said in my post -I thought Kocur had scary power. the kind of guy that was a legitemate KO puncher. No doubt about it. I do think it's interesting to see that the VAST majority of his KO/TKO's were against no names and lower tier fighters. it's unusual that a guy with his kind of incredible reputation as a power puncher never dropped a single top flight HW. In his entire career. And guys that aren't considered to be in JK's stratosphere for punching power have.
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