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Originally Posted by lefthook1 View Post
I didn't think it was going to take long for you to dig your sweaty fat rolls a grave, but it did come a little earlier than expected.

The Lions offense has arisen and Stafford is back to form of last year when he posted 5k in yards and over 40 touches, but I guess Ponder is still the future over there in the miserable football town. If I may take quotes straight from your sausage should no longer be allowed to discuss football. If you do stay over in the minny thread.

Well according to you the Lions are putrid. not sure if you noticed, but this putrid team didn't lose to the seahawks, but guess who did. Ponder was amazing in that loss though, keep up the good work Christian. Ponder and Gabbert are arm wrestling over the who cleans the shyt ring in the toilet as the worst QB's in the league.
So if Seattle beat the Vikes and you beat them what does the Vikes winning in Detroit mean? Works both ways.

You're right though, my team sucks. No excuses here. Just remember, lots of games left for your team to suck some more. i can also make my point without name calling. Can you? again? I mean the vikes will most likely lose if ponder plays, but i bey you STFU for at least a year if the Vikes pull that game out. God, that would be great.

Why wouldn't I be able to discuss football? Because I think teams that lose deserves to lose? You had better hope your team wins Sunday now. Can you imagine if you wrote all that and the Lions lose to the Vikes?

Oh, and let's not forget you lost to the Niners and who beat them?

Of course this means as much as 'we had more yards' but it was you that made the comparison. Not me.

PhillyFlyer26, how many posts are you going to thank that somebody insults me in?
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