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Originally Posted by I like Boobs View Post
In Canada, take the time to donate to the local legion and proudly wear a poppy in honor of the fallen veterans. Too many times in recent history, the commercialization of Xmas has taken precedence over Remembrance Day. Thank a veteran for their service, donate your time to help in a memorial, do something!

To you from failing hands we throw
***The torch; be yours to hold it high.

Lest we forget.
I am torn on this one. Obviously for the WW's they fought directly for our freedom. The wars now though? They aren't for our freedom and are fought for dubious/obfustacted reasons.

At the same time every guy I've ever come accross who has served in the Afghan war or Iraqi war has been a decent, stand up guy. I know they are willing to die for my way of life and that's enough for me to be grateful and to give thanks.

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