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Originally Posted by JAVALITE View Post
The 7 game series was in '87, Clark missed the entire '88 series due to injury. Going strictly on stats, Clark finished the 7 game series with 4 goals, 2 assists, and 19 penalty minutes. 17 of his 19 penalty minutes came against his old buddy Lee Norwood.

The story around Toronto at the time was Clark broke a bone in his hand in the fight vs John Kordic, which occured with 2 weeks left in the regular season. Clark's father gave him a bit of heat right before game 6, stating at playoff time the team comes ahead of his friendship with Kocur. The general consensus was Clark seemed a bit subdued during the series, but looking at the numbers, it's not as if the guy was a complete no show.

I noticed in game 6 that Kocur and Kotsopoulos went off for 5 each. Battleship do you remember that fight, I have absolutely no recall of that one. I remember Kocur vs Gill, I remember Probert vs Iafrate, and Gallant vs Vaive. If you do remember that one, can you give some details.
My bad Java, I see that the tape does say 86-87 . I heard the same thing about Clark / Kocur ..Clark played great but the game I have he was on vs JK the whole time. I'll check it again ... but I do have the JK- Kotsopolous fight ..it was crap.

On the subject of the Beta tapes I found a few more fights that I haven't seen on any sites :

Preseason Chi - @-Det Probert - Mackey ( which I think I've seen) but the under card had a pretty good tilt between McGill ( CHI) and Schofield (DET) ...Schofield taking the decision clearly

BOTH Marty Mac(LA) - Clark (NYI) in LA ..the 2nd one I've seen , but not the first (although it was crap).

Grimson(ANA) - Crowder (LA)

M.Johnson(LA)- T.Hunter (VCR)

Marty Mac(LA) - Churla (Dal) ..huge win for Marty

both Sandy Mac - Grimson ( in Cal and Ana)

Sandy - M.Johnson

and then there was this tough patch for Jim Cummins --- KO'd by Grimson(ANA), KO'd by M.Johnson , and murdered by Probert ( Cummins on PHI) in the JLA.

On another note: I watched the JK- Richter fight in excellent quality...man you can really see how messed up JK face is when he gets up ...he has cuts all over his face ...might've been when he hit the ice ..but his face was all cut up ...looked like he went through barbed wire. With the poor quality of the youtube stuff it's hard to see any of it.
It's a blast to see these after so many yrs.
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