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a thought?...

Speaking of Carkner i just thought of something thats kinda odd, follow me for a second.

Here we have Carkner who just signed a 3 year contract for $4.5 million (a solid contract for the type of player that Carkner is, [robably best contract of career) and then we get a guy like Godard who doesnt have a job and suddenly retires. Both super rugged tough tough hombres and roughly the same age

I know Carkner basically is a Dman and Godard a winger, and overall Carkner is the better player/more skilled, (can take more of regular shift, i get that) but it still kinda odd that 1 gets best deal of career and the other suddenly retires - thoughts?

One guy gets the best deal of his life and the other retires at basically same age -- what gives? ideas?

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