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Decided a few days ago to start playing Dead Rising 2 for real.

I'm extremely glad I did. Sure, it was frustrating at some points, but I sort of had a sense of accomplishment after beating it (I really don't feel accomplished beating most games today). I went into overtime mode and barely beat the final boss as I had one piece of flashing health left. I thought I was a goner!

This game was a significant improvement over the first one. The psychopaths were fun to fight. They were difficult, but not ruthless like in the first game. This game had the right amount of difficulty.

Yes, this game has its flaws. The save system is still crappy, but at least you get 3 slots to save your game and there seems to be more restrooms than the first game. The number of loading screens still sucks too.

Overall, I enjoyed this game, despite having a love/hate relationship with it (I think I have that type of relationship with every Capcom game, haha). It's a lot different from all the other games I have, and being able to make crazy combo weapons adds extra enjoyment. Also, Dead Rising 2 was incredibly funny too, both intentionally and unintenionally. I found a Blanka mask early in the game; I put it on my guy and in every cut scene he was wearing the mask. Every time I saw a serious cut scene with my guy, I ended up cracking up because of that insane mask. Also, the pyschopaths were pretty funny and Chuck has some pretty funny one liners throughout the game.
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