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Originally Posted by V12_Bi-Turbo View Post
You have 1789 sissy canadian players in the NHL who dont fight or help to win a game.
The arrival of the Swedes, Czechs, Russians and co to the NHL was a great moment, it was needed and it added the superstar skills which your own players very often dont have.
Yeah, we get it, Orr, Bourque, Coffey, Gretzky, Lemieux and Lafleur weren't skilled at all.

North Americans play with less finesse, but playing the game of a powerforward like Cam Neely, Wendel Clark or Shayne Corson to me is a skill euros never brought to the NHL since Bobby Nystrom.

Euros didn't bring more skilled players. The fact is with all these expansions (from 6 to 30 teams), we filled these new spots with Europeans.

If you ask me, NHL was better back in the days when the Europeans playing in the NHL were 1st and 2nd liners only, not soft 4th liners taking the place of the enforcer role.

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