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As for the main event, I think that was a pretty one sided win for Jones. Belfort came out in the first and had the armbar which I thought he was going to be able to get Jones with, but Jones held on until Belort let it slip. That was pretty much all Belfort had, and after that I was kind of confused about what he was trying to do. Jones was keeing him at distance with tht front/side leg kick, but Belfort appeared to have the most success (at what little he had) when he would start throwing. I think if he would have baited Jones into a couple wild exchanges he may have faired better. Belfort simply pulling Jones into his guard was odd. He was only looking for that armbar, and even though Jones wasn't doing too much damage after the first, Belfort wasn't doing much of anything.

I think the best fight was the Co-main event. Mighty Mouse is as quick as they get and kept up his tempo the full 25 minutes.
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