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Interesting notes out of the Danbury green/white game on Saturday. Andrew Willock was there but not dressed. He was upstairs:

Corey Fulton was there, dressed for the green team and scored a goal.

Devin Guy was there also but not dressed.
Standing a mere 20 feet from him I overheard this as he was talking to a group of fans:

"I'm not going to Dayton. They're (Danbury) trying to trade for my rights and if they get it I'll play opening night. If not I'll have to sit out the first 12 games. I can practice with Danbury but I can't play in any games and I'd have to sit the first 12".

Sounds like one way or another Guy will be back in Danbury again. No fights during the 7pm game. Just a lot of back and forth hockey and odd-man rushes. I did hear there were 2 fights during the 3:30 schrimage but no clue who the combatants were as they did not release any names/numbers of who was in camp.
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