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Originally Posted by Philly Fan 27 View Post
fedor and.....?
Just remember when Overeem was a Strikeforce HW champ + K1 champ. Few months before acquired them he stated he is not even a Top 10. Then he beat the ''great'' Brock Lesnar and he is suddenly a Top contender. It is right in your opinion? What if Overeem stayed at Strikeforce? Brock Lesnar would be still the best HW of the world with Cain and Dos Santos.

I am not sure so maybe i am mistaken but when Wanderlei Silva was a top dog in Pride he also stated that Wanderlei is on steroids etc (that was in the time when Chuck Liddell was the biggest star and when he called out Fedor for being overrated). When he became a UFC fighter he suddenly become an MMA legend, even when his record in the UFC is like 4-9.

Also, what Chael did to become a no.1 contender? Talking smack about others?

I bet if Gustaffson (who is a very good fighter) called for a fight Dana won't accept the fight, stating he is too young. Chael brings money and honestly, he is like Rampage who isn't as good as his hype is.

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