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Originally Posted by Humpzilla View Post
Who cares if Dana White is pissed?

The guy is just a greedy **** after hearing his comments. Do anybody think he is worried about the undercard fighters? In the first chance he will cut anybody in that category if he doesnt perform or makes him money.

I really hope someone takes over. He disrespected many great fighters who decided to not fight in the UFC.

MMA will never be a major sport if he is still a president. Imagine a press conference where major media will be involved. He would try to scare them too? How many major newspapers covers his sport? The Fox ratings are not that great and it wont be better imo (i am not from the USA but i know the ESPN and other major networks doesnt cover them).

I am not a big Jon Jones fan myself, but he can turn fights down. If he beats Chael, what he earns? Remember the thing White said about Fedor fighting Hendo?
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