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ive stopped heavy weight lifting since my ****ing shoulder has been acting up again. the time i have to take off for this son of a bitch pretty much sets me back, so whats the point?

everything i do is light to medium weight and a high reps. along with a new diet ive been on for about a month, my abs are the most defined theyve ever been. i give credit to eating right and my new love of using my vitamix on veggies and fruits. i don't snack on garbage any more and my mind and body have never felt better in my entire life. i'm also putting on prety significant muscle without a protein supplement, and any fat has basically melted off of me.

i'm doing each body part individually. so one day is arms, one chest, one back and shoulders (this is the exception day), legs, my 5th day is devoted to an all around ass kicking.

i'm currently attending 2 2 hr. BJJ classes per week. nothing will ever beat that workout, so i don't think i'll ever stop.
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