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Originally Posted by brawl lover View Post
Who said it was out of the ordinary? It was just an article posted in the Media forum. The funny thing is you had to quote the entire article to make a foolish response.
It wasn't the article itself, but the parts your daddy bolded that were why I quoted the entire article, lil'jack. It was his usual attempt to fellate the entire Rags organization and make a not-too- subtle jab at the Flyers- much lik you did with your first flaming comment. Was that really a "good read" to anyone who isn't a Rags fan? Not really. It was nothing more than the standard answers of a guy who just got a huge contract saying all the right things. His agent did well coaching him. I wonder if Torts will have the same success?Anyway, it's heartwarming to see you jump to defend your daddy once again LJ, now see if you can actually add something to a thread other than your usual bs. Judging from the thanks my original post received I'd say others agreed.