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Originally Posted by NJDevils17 View Post
And Nick, is Burnout Paradise any good? I loved Burnout 3.
It's a bit different than the original Burnout games in that it doesn't fully focus on the crashing or crash mode or whatever it was. It's still there but it's just for like 100%'ers, has nothing to do with the actual game.

Its open world and you just drive around the city. At every intersection you can activate a different type of challenge. Races, marked man where you have to make it to a spot without getting destroyed, stunt runs, and a mode where you gotta crash other cars off the road. Then there's a gazillion different cars you unlock and they all have a timed route that if you beat you unlock the better version of the car. So it keeps you busy and no race is ever longer than 3mins.

Only one of the series on the PC and came across it while looking for a driving game. It works for me. Can load it up, complete a couple things and be done with it in under 30mins. Runs smooth since its like 4 years old. And the driving "feels" good with my controller plugged in. I like it. But it def isn't anything special or ground breaking, and very repetitive if you actually wanted to put hours in at a time.
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