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AAB, thanks for the support.
To answer your question, if it wasn't for Adam I would never have been in the situation I was....PERIOD!
Adam not only had the dream and vision to have me become a hockey fighter but he was the only one I could turn to when I was in question about anything related to my successful journey.
From the very beginning when skating and the basics were what counted most to my last years when I was already established I would always confide in Adam for his opinion and his suggestions and to Adam's credit he's never steered me in the wrong direction.
Trust me there were numerous times that I wanted to quit and walk away for all kinds of reasons including frustration from not being able to learn to skate or keep my balance to getting the sh*t kicked out of me in a fight but Adam was always there with words of encouragement to keep me motivated and to never say never.
Believe me I wanted this dream to happen and I spend many, many long days and years working at it to do so but most everybody will tell you that they have had success in life with the help of others....I'm no different and Adam was that guy for me.
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