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Originally Posted by thepolishkid88 View Post
That seems to be the word. I thought for sure Harry would get the job. Still a good hire I feel.
I'm not too sure if it's Redknapp 'getting' the job that's in question, it's whether Redknapp 'wanted' it. He's not in the greatest of health, and feels he is on the verge of acheiving something big with Tottenham - that he would be leaving an unfinished job.

Hodgson is the only other credible candidate, since the FA went and dug themselves into a hole by saying the next manager *had* to be English. He struggled at Liverpool, but saying that his successor hasn't exactly shone either, which suggests that may not all have been Roy's fault. Vastly experienced, with management experience in many footballing environments across Europe, he's as good a horse to back as any.

Names like Brendan Rogers and Ian Holloway have been mentioned after success over the past couple of seasons, but have yet to prove anything over a sustained period of time, which is where the FA went wrong in hiring Steve McLaren after Middlesbrough had their run in the Europa League (and were promptly blown out of the water in the final by Sevilla, the first strong team they faced). It seems they have learnt from that anyway..
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