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Originally Posted by Wadubbin View Post
Not sure what Konopka did when he was in ECHL,but remember well what he said last year.Hey if a guy can help you win,and add a dimension to your team that has been lacking.Don't be a little baby and hold crap like that against anyone.That's the exact type of thing that to me is bringing this team down.All holier than thou Mario not signing someone because he was offended by what he said years ago....Have a little open mind with regards to your team.they're going to need it if they want to quit underachieving...

As far as a Stewart/Clowe type.Why not make a trade for someone of that caliber.The Pens have the players to make a blockbuster trade that can get some fresh new blood in here to try and make some deep runs in the playoffs.

Like I said this team needs a shake up really bad....Trades are the way to go...
Konopka called the coaches at the ECHL and AHL level jokes, pretty much. At the time I think Bylsma was an assistant on the AHL staff. The problem is really when Konopka called the Pens out last year. He just really isn't a guy worth having around. Especially when you can find guys like him all over the NHL.

I agree the trade route is the only way to get this going but at the other end Clowe is the Sharks. So that's going to be a pretty hefty price to pay, Stewart would have been easier to get but him being a RFA and playing amazing I can't imagine the Blues wanting to move him or Oshie. I'd love to any of the 3 though.

To be honest I have no idea where this team will go. If the Pens make no moves in the off-season as far as fixing up the team and making a move then I will be hoping they are out of the playoff chase by the trade deadline. They need to realize how flawed this team is. Especially once Geno and Sid go missing.

Funny thing is TK actually showed up in the playoffs. He scored more in a week and a half then he did for months.
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