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Originally Posted by Flyers2001 View Post
The reason why i am leaning towards Flyers in 7 is unlike the Mike Richards led teams of the past, this Flyers team knows how to play the Oens better. The Flyers that got beat by the Pens in the past have been known to retailiate. This Flyers team ignitiates. Face it, the Flyers are filledm with a bunch of agitators that know how to get under the skin of the Pens. Sean Coutier has some how figured out how to annoy Malkin and get him to take some undisciplined penalities. The Pens hate Hartnell. He knows how to walk that fine line and get the Pens slightly off their game.

They are going to have to play head games with the Pens to even this series out, because without Briere, JVR, and Pronger the Pens become much more talented top to bottom.
Good points but Briere did practice today and is expected to play Wednesday
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