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Originally Posted by jkidd View Post
A joke of a PPV has been put together. A split site event on April 14th.
Brandon Rios vs. Richard Abril
Juan Manuel Marquez vs. Serhiy Fedchenko

Not sure about you guys, but there is no ****ing way I'm going to drop between $45 and $55 for that.

Gamboa vs. Rios? Possibly. Rios vs. Abril and JMM vs. some Ukrainian who's last fight was an 8 rounder? No way.

On the Amir Khan vs. Lamont Peterson fight... these two are taylor made for each other. It's the kind of opponent that Amir Khan needs if he wants to be THE marquee name in boxing. Lamont Peterson will likely never get the respect he deserves or wants, but the guy can flat out box. If he would go for the kill a little more often and step up the offense, he'd have no limitations to his potential or his marketability.

Do you think Khan stays at 140 for another fight with Peterson if he loses? Or do you think win-lose-draw he moves up to 147 next time out?
I changed my post right after you posted. Khan is moving up regardless of outcome. There is no renmatch clause, so there is nothing keeping him at 140.

DiBella with his hypocracy strikes again. This time he said Martinez is willing to face kirkland, but it has to be at 160. So he is willing to go to 150 for Manny and Mayweather, says martinez ate Potatoes and Meat all week to get to 157 lbs for the fight, but if he faces Kirkland it will be at 160. The guy can not keep track of his own bullsh*t.
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