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Originally Posted by ruffryder View Post
Which one of this fights should I watch?
If I had to pick one PPV fight, it would be May-Cotto. Two future HOF'ers in a fight that is long over due. The 3 fights on the undercard will be intersting as well. With an Approx $65 price, it might be worth it.

If I choose a free fight, it would be Rios vs. Gamboa. no date has been officially set, but it should be soon.

Rios vs. Gamboa would be a fight that I would recommend to any casual fan. Its your classic boxer vs. brawler, except the boxer throws hard fast combo's. He's arguably the fastest in the sport right now.

Consolation free fight would be Kirkland vs. Molina. Similar to the Gamboa-Rios fight its a Boxer-Brawler fight as well. Except the brawler (Kirland, pure animal) has improved his boxing and Molina the boxer is known to brawl time to time.
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