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I thought it was an ugly fight. Rubio came in with no offensive strategy, and it made for a pathetic fight. He let Jr walk him down and push him into the ropes or corner whenever Jr wanted to, and he didn't once make Chavez pay for coming in with no jab or no offense, just walking right into him. Hell, for most of the fight, all he had to do was take a step to the side and Jr would have fallen over or been completely of balance for a 1-2. It was a step up for Chavez, but it was an easy step thanks to Rubio coming in completely unprepared and with no offensive gameplan.

Donaire/Vazquez... I guess it's just a thing with a Chavez being in the Alamodome that we get a horse**** card, as was the case with Whitaker/Chavez many years ago. I still think Nonito is the top guy below 126, no matter if what division. It's kind of a tough fight to judge him though, because he busted his hand so early in the fight. I would have liked to have seen him stick to the jab and body to break Vazquez down instead of just loading up on single power shots here and there, but, whatever.
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