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HF Fantasy MMA: Main Thread

Please read this ENTIRE post before participating.

  • This post will be where the scoring rules and other FAQs will be on display.
  • The second post will be where all the current event, season and all time stats and records will be kept.
  • This will ONLY be UFC events for the most part. If another organization has a card that has enough big names on it I will make a judgement call to include it in the season. In these cases I will give as big of a heads up as possible well before the event.
  • Each season will run for THREE months. This is to get enough events in for some lead changes AND to keep it short enough that we don't lose too many participants.
  • The season will include ALL UFC events. PPV's, FX, FOX, Feul TV. As well as the rare non-UFC inclusions.
  • There will not be a set number of events that will compromise the season, it will just be all the ones that take place within the three-month window. So amount of events will fluctuate between seasons.

  • You will ONLY be picking the main card. Whether it's the typical 5 fights for a PPV or just a single fight on a FOX card.
  • You will be picking the winner of each fight, what round it will end, and how it will end.
  • 3pts for picking the winner correct (4pts for main event or ANY belt on the line, 0pt for picking the winner wrong)
  • 2pts for picking the correct length of the fight (1pt if correct, but missed winner) You pick either Round 1 through 5 or full time/the distance.
  • 2pts for picking correct KO/TKO or Sub (1pt if pick decision*, 0pts if correct finish but wrong fighter) *Unanimous and Split decisions will be scored the same. KO/TKO will be KO or TKO. All subs will be sub.
  • Should you wish to choose a DQ finish (and are correct) you will get 4pts BUT you still have to get the winner correct or 0pts. Also, you need to still get the round and winner to get the 3 part bonus.
  • Should you wish to choose draw or majority draw you CANNOT pick a winner or round finish time or your call of draw will be disqualified. If picked correctly you will receive 10pts for the fight and 15pts for the main event. Good luck with that one!
  • DO NOT PICK DOCTOR STOPPAGE. A doctor stoppage resulting in a winner will be a KO/TKO and scored in the round it happens (round prior if between rounds). It will otherwise be called a draw or DQ and scored as such.
  • If you pick all three parts of a single fight correct (the winner, the finish time, and the way it finishes) you will receive a 3pt bonus for that fight. It will be 5pts for the main event. (No such bonus for draw picks)
  • The person who picks the most winners correctly of the main card fights will receive a 3pts bonus. Should more than one player pick the most correct, everybody who picked the most will get just 2pt.
  • The person who picks the most finish times correctly of the main card fights will receive a 2pts bonus. Should more than one player pick the most correct, everybody who picked the most will get just 1pt.
  • And finally the person who picks the most finishes correct of the main card fights will receive a 2pts bonus. Should more than one player pick the most correct, everybody who picked the most will get 1pt.
  • Should more than FIVE people be tied on ANY of the bonus categories (most fighters, most finishes, most finish times); NO bonus points at all will be handed out for that category.
  • Fight will be scored as they are called in the cage. If it turns out the winner was misread the next day or drug tests are failed weeks later, the decision will stand as it was called in the cage as far as the fantasy scoring goes.
  • Scores from every event during the season will be accumulated and a winner will be crowned.
  • Tie breakers (in order): Most fighters picked correct over the season, most all three parts of a fight picked correct over the season, most times picks were made before the other person for each event, coin flip. No damn ties please!

DO NOT post picks in this thread. I will make a thread for each event ONE WEEK prior to it's date (this is to reduce the chance of fights getting cancelled before the event). Picks will be made in that thread.

Feel free to ask any questions and I will edit/update this as necessary. But most everything is covered, read carefully.

EDIT (01/08/2012): Removed the request to be stickied as it has been.
EDIT (01/21/2012): Removed the "intro" about how the 'test run was good so this is the real deal' just to clean up the post some.
EDIT (04/07/2012): *BIG SEASON 2 UPDATES* Changed the wording for the events included to also be open for the rare non-UFC event that has big enough names. Changed the scoring for picking a fighter correct to 3pts instead of 2pts (4pts for main event/belts instead of 3pts). Changed the bonuses to 0pts from 1pts for categories with a 5+ person tie. Clarified that fights will be scored as they are called in the cage with no changes for overturned results.

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