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Originally Posted by ARCTICCAT24 View Post
Good job Rupp, you beat up a soft, visor wearing European. You're tough dude.
If you don't like Rupp that's one thing, but I don't get what your problem is with this. Fighting in hockey as it should exist is to help deter players from taking liberties on the ice. Rupp watched one of his team's top players get sucker punched in the face, and he responded. That's textbook enforcing. It's not about proving himself to be tough, it's about doing his job, which he did to perfection.

Originally Posted by DARCY T View Post
im probably in minority on this but i disagree.would it be enforcing or ok in next game if some panther will beat del zotto for what he did?del zotto and kopecky are both equally soft players and they traded eye for an eye
In my personal opinion, if the Panthers felt strongly about what Del Zotto did as a cheapshot to one of their skill players, than I would have zero problem with someone going after Del Zotto. But I don't think that high-stick/cross-check was all THAT terrible, so I doubt the Panthers are harboring a grudge against him, they've moved onto Rupp for doing his job.
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