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Just a quick note on Chris Neil, the guy makes as much as Samuelsson and Malhotra. He'd be a great pickup, but its just not realistic at that salary.

Looks like the Owen Nolan rumours rang true, with a bit of a twist. He's coming to training camp and bringing Todd Fedoruk with him.

Now, we've discussed Nolan a fair bit already, but I'd just like to reiterate that its a real no-risk situation. If he plays great, sign him. If he plays just alright, offer him a 2-way contract or let him walk to another team. If he sucks, cut him loose.

I think we might see a few old fellas per year try-out for the Canucks after seeing all the doors it opened for Morrison last year. He went from Canuck try-out to Flames first-liner.

As for Fedoruk, that really came out of left field. Like many of you, I kind of had the idea that getting mashed by Boogaard and Orr were his last moments in the NHL, but that was way back in 2007 and he played 3 NHL seasons after that. He may not fight the superheavies too much anymore, but he still tangles with the Thorntons and Parroses of the league. Not sure where he played if at all last year, hockeydb doesn't show him as playing. The year before he was with Tampa. At the very least, he should make pre-season more entertaining. Again, no real risk taken here and at worst it makes training camp more competitive.

I gotta admit though, Fedoruk is not a name I would have guessed in a million years. The Fridge is back!
Could this be the year?
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