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Originally Posted by bengino View Post
Gorges is a tough call, he is very valuable to the team, but what can he be compared to seeing as he is mostly a defensive guy that isn't flashy.
The tough part about Gorges's contract negociation is, 1) what is a very good shut down specialist worth on the market, also factoring in that he doesn't put up many points.. 2) How is Gorges going to play after coming back from getting his knee repaired, will Gorges be the same player he was before the surgery, or will he have a big drop off because of the time away from the game....

In the Gorges arbitration case, I figure if Josh gets anything under 3.1 million a season, the Canadiens as a franchise won the hearing, but if Josh is awarded more than 3.1 a season Josh won the arbitration case....
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