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Originally Posted by canuckfan View Post
Seemed inevitable after Regehr was traded.

Obviously, the Flames love the chemistry between Iginla and Tanguay - the only city he seemed to play well in, post lockout, has been Calgary.

Still, it looks like the Flamers are content to head into next season with essentially the same lineup that failed to get them into the playoffs 2 straight years. A lot of Flame fans are going to like this news, but essentially, their team is still the same it was when they finished 10th 2 months ago. Iginla and Tanguay will continue to post good numbers, but what about the rest of the team?

Not getting any better, not getting any worse - just the exact same, and 1 year older....
I agree 100%, I like that we were able to retain Alex, I still believe we need another top 6 forward and Obviously with Regehr gone it leaves a gaping hole on the Blueline, chris butler or any other Defenseman for that matter in the system can't take his place, feaster really has his work cut out for him. I also agree with the above statement about Bouwmeester, he should have been shopped. According to Spectors hockey, Feaster has sent out qualifying offers to UFA's Adam Pardy and Anton Babchuk.

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