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Originally Posted by gdameo View Post
really? if stafford continue play like he did this year then it's def a good deal

reg is a great tough d-man which we need one...probably a good mentor for weber

sorry but i'm disappointed that u are sabres fan
LMAO pull your head out of your ass bud.

It's called a Contract year, Why in the hell do you think he played so good.
I bet once he gets a taste of that 4 Million he will trail off a bit. Look at Jason Pom, he was playing with some desire but after he got 5 million a year that passion seemed to go down a bit. Honestly do you think Vanek deserves 7 million a year?

A great D man? Not really. Worth 4 Million, not in my book. Tough, bullsh&t he probably gets beat up at the bus station. Around 50 total fights, and he sure can pick his spots.

So I'm a little disappointed that your a Sabres fan
Buffalo Sabres 2011-2012. It's our time.
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