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Originally Posted by BobNystromOwnsU View Post
Lots of people with all kinds of jobs smoke weed.
rode to work with a guy who always sparked up a spliff of hi-test when i got in his car in the morning. i was ready for a nap by breaktime.

guy would most always smoke his lunch. he almost killed me or him or someone else once when we were installing ductwork. we had a huge piece of sheetmetal ductwork we were installing. took 4 ductjakks, you could have driven a small pick up truck into it.

we had pre installed thread rod dropping from 4 ft length 3" steel angles that weren't yet welded into place and the clown was goofin instead of watching the rods when he cranked his jakk up. the fukkin rod lifted off the I beam and the whole mess of hanger stuff came down and hit him in the arm. lucky it didn't spear him in the neck.

the bosses all knew he was a stoner but he thrived on it and got a boatload of metal in the air. it was a mandatory drug test on this site for ANY injury, even if you had to have a splinter removed.

he told the boss he wasn't gonna pass a piss test, i knew he had smoked his lunch that day.

jeff told him to just go home and see a doc, tell him he was hurt at home. said his arm swelled up to twice the size and the doc gave some killer pain pills. we were up on the 10th floor with the bucket elevator not working that day and they had to walk him down the stairs.

made me think bout catching a buzz on big commercial jobs.

i couldn't take that deadliest catch stuff. i go off the jersey coach sometimes on party boats and after 4 hrs, i'm ready for dry land. never got sick, just wanna get back to dry land.

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