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Dallas showing a lot more emotion than they did the last couple games combined in Calgary and Vancouver...

Vandermeer's first fight in whats felt like a decade - too bad it ended the way it did, it started out pretty good too. Good to see him drop the gloves finally as an Oiler.

I like Fraser, but when was the last time he won a fight? Not this season that I can see....and here he loses to Niskanen. Ouch.

Stortini is so easy to make fun of that its almost unfair. That display was terrible, gassed or not. That was all Barch as he picks up the clear win.

Not much going on in the fourth fight, but I could see what Neal was doing there.
"Next to a battle lost, the saddest thing is a battle won."

- The Duke of Wellington after the Battle of Waterloo, June 18, 1815.