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Originally Posted by The DZA View Post
Im not really playing anything right now, but Im gonna cop Def Jam Rapstar for PS3 in the next week or two. That should keep me busy until NBA Jam drops.
I can not wait for NBA Jam. I used to play the old one all the time at my friend's house on Sega CD. The Knicks were sick in that game with Ewing and Starks! Can't wait for it to come on Xbox Live Arcade. Bunch of the old school guys are supposed to be unlockable in the new one!

Originally Posted by jayc948 View Post
I'm still consistently playing Madden '11. First year in a long time where I've been entertained enough to play multiple years in a franchise.
I haven't been able to really get into any of the Madden games that have come out on this generation of systems. Madden was really fun for me on the original Xbox, Gamecube, and PS2. I guess it was because they were always adding big things every year.

I don't know, but Madden hasn't been as fun for me ever since they got the exclusive NFL license.
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