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Originally Posted by CapsFan99 View Post
I thinks it's our front office core that needs changing, not the player core.
Agreed. Anytime I've ever listened to Bruce Boudreau or GM in an interview, it's a constant "all offense all the time" mentality that doesn't appear as if it's going to change because that's what they believe will eventually work, despite that fact that when it comes to the playoffs, it pretty much doesn't. Listening to GM on NHL live talk about which players they want to keep, as well as hearing Boudreau talk about why he thought Green should win the Norris just made me go "Jesus Christ, is all these guys care about stats and how many points a player can put up?". I don't think a shake-up in their core players is needed as much as a new coach with a new system (and most likely a new GM since he and Boudreau seem to be on exactly the same page in terms of how they want to go about winning, which is try to score 8 bajillion goals). If your players are playing the system exactly the way the guys in charge want them to play it but still make early playoff exits every year, then maybe it's time to get a new system...something I'm not sure their front office gets.
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