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AAHL Announces All-Star Rosters

The All American Hockey League announces today the selections for the 2010 All-Star Game in Evansville, Indiana.

All Star Team 1  AAHL Team  	Pos.
Affinati, Chris Battle Creek 	F
Barr, Justin 	Chi-Town 	F
Coy, Isaac 	Evansville 	F
Cripps, Andy 	Madison 	F
D'Agostino, Paul Evansville 	F
Dolgy, Jason 	Chi-Town 	F
Doyle, Pat 	West Michigan 	F
Ford, Ryan 	Evansville 	F
Gadwa, Rick 	Battle Creek 	F
Gervais, Ryan 	Chi-Town 	F
Hawryliw, Nigel West Michigan 	F
Price, Jason 	Chi-Town 	D
Recio, Tim 	Evansville 	D
Sarno, Anthony 	Chi-Town 	D
Schweyer, Rob 	Battle Creek 	D
Trevino, Marco 	Battle Creek 	D
Dekker, Adam 	West Michigan 	G
Fitterer, TJ 	Chi-Town 	G
Head Coach: Darren Seid (Chi-Town)
All Star Team 2  AAHL Team  	Pos.
Kearns, Mitch 	Madison 	F
Kohanchuk, Dan 	Battle Creek 	F
Naphan, Aaron 	Evansville 	F
Trevino, Marco 	Battle Creek 	F
Moje, Kye 	Battle Creek 	F
Mosley, Matt 	West Michigan 	F
Riley, Brett 	Evansville 	F
Sanders, AJ 	West Michigan 	F
Sault, Cameron 	Madison 	F
Zalba, Bill 	Chi-Town 	F
Koich, Steve 	Evansville 	F
Bohlinger, Brad West Michigan 	D
Dunford, Brian 	Evansville 	D
Henning, Dustin Madison 	D
Jondo, Rick 	Madison 	D
Lovse, Emery 	West Michigan 	D
Kinsella, Matt 	Battle Creek 	G
Passarelli, Mario Evansville 	G
Head Coach: Jack Collins (Evansville)
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