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My DVD List:

Player Tapes:
Chris Simon (Vol. 1)
Colton Orr/ Martin Grenier
Donald Brashear (Vol. 1,2,3)
Eric Lindros
Gino Odjick (Vol. 1)
Paul Laus (Vol. 1)
Sandy McCarthy (Vol. 1,2)
Scott Parker (Vol. 1)
Stephen Peat (Vol. 1)
Tie Domi (Vol. 1)

Season Tapes:
Best Of 96-97 (Vol. 2)
NHL 97-98 (Vol. 2)
03-04 NHL Pre Season
05-06 NHL Pre-Season (Vol. 1,2,3)

Team Tapes:
Quebec Radio-X 03-04 (Vol.3)
Quebec Radio-X 04-05 (Vol. 2)

3-10-2001 Vancouver Canucks at Toronto Maple Leafs (Brashear vs. Domi twice)
2-13-2003 Philadelphia Flyers at St. Louis Blues (Brashear vs. Low)
4-11-2003 Toronto Maple Leafs at Philadelphia Flyers (Brashear vs. Domi)
My Fight List:
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