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Originally Posted by Chiefs for Life View Post
Will the Bruins be able to sign Kessel, he is looking for something worth around 3 million a year, witch at the moment the B's don't have the cap room for him.... Stephane Yelle an PJ Axelsson are both unsigned, but with the fact that they are getting up there in age resigning them is not a priorty, I noticed that Boston only has six D men signed, maybe a good utiliy seventh D man should be a priorty???.... If Phil the Thrill settles for around two million I would say the Bruins will be in great shape, even if they do lose a few caracter players.........
As a lifelong Bruins fan, having watched many,many of their games throughout the years, I'm very aware that you need the right blend of players, to be successful in the NHL. I didn't like it when they failed to sign Metropolit lasy year. But I felt relieved, when I saw the great job that Stephane Yelle did last year. I think they will live to regret not keeping P J Axelsson and Stephane Yelle this year. I feel both these guys did many things for the team that don't always show up on the scoreboard. I think '' Harvard Boy'' blundered in not keeping these two key guys on the roster. He can keep all his rhetoric, I know the game, you never easily replace guys like these two. I know it's only one game, but I hope game one a pisspoor showing againsy Washington isn't an indication of things to come. If I'm GM, the last thing I do is let these two guys walk.
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