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Originally Posted by Fight Fan View Post
Yea that first game against the pats will be fun for pretty boy Sanchez. He will be on his butt a few times that game.

Jets will be lucky to make playoffs this year.......
Yeah because that Patriot defense is really intimidating . Theres alot more defenses in the NFL that Id be intimidated of before the Patriots (Steelers, Giants, Ravens being some of them).

I do agree with one thing you said...the Jets will be lucky to make the playoffs. Lets face the facts, our starting QB is either going to a rookie or Kellen Clemens who has yet to do ANYTHING in a jets jersey. If it werent for Leon Washington, this would be a very below average offense. I love Jericho Cotchery, but when he is your #1 receiver on the depth chart....the Jets need these young players to step up this season. Brad Smith needs to be a more consistent part of this team's offense-not just on the reverse. Dont even get me started on that waste of space Vernon Gholston.
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