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Originally Posted by pacewon View Post
Yeah, I pointed that out in the Kotalik thread. Did people really think they were showing Callahan the door to accomodate Kotalik?
I don't believe that anyone thought he signed Kotalik to ditch Callahan or Dubinsky. I know the point to my rant was why was he letting these guys hang out to dry when heart and soul guys like these 2 were being by passed so he could make some worthless signings to guys that have no heart, Arnason and Kotalik and basically waste cap room. Again, Kotalik = Nedved, Hlavac, Dvorak, Zherdev, Kamensky, Antropov, and so on and so on and so on. I think our fears were that some team would sign one of the two to a front loaded offer sheet that he would not be able to match.
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