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Originally Posted by fansince65 View Post
Big Jack should remember this one ..

The trade of Phil Esposito and Carol Vadnais to the New York Rangers for Brad Park/Jean Ratelle/Joe Zanuzzi ..

The trade almost didn't happen !! When Cherry told Vadnais he had been traded he started to cry , My wife has been sick in and out of hospital , now this , is what Cherry said Vad said !!
Then he jumped up and told Cherry "they cant trade me I have a no trade contract" , Cherry said "not likely " Sinden doesn't give no trade contracts and proceeded to phone Harry , when he told Sinden what Vadnais had said Harry looked up the contract and shore enough Vad had a no trade contract .
Well according to Cherry Sinden went nuts , he wanted the three players from the rangers Park in particular as Orr was injured and their was a good chance he would miss the rest of the season .
The trade got worked out , it was reported that Vadnais asked for and got $100,000 dollars to make it happen .

Carol Vadnais became a fan favorite in new York !!!!
I remember reading something about how Espo reacted when he was told he had been traded...

Espo - Traded? Traded! I can't believe it, just tell me it's not to the Rangers! Anyone but the Rangers cause I'll thow myself out the window if it's the Rangers!"
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