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Originally Posted by fansince65 View Post
This is just a bit of trivia that this thread is all about , how he game has evolved over the years ..

Most fans think the trap originated in Europe (Russia) but that's the farthest from the truth that anything about the game can be .
The trap used to be called defence first hockey , the Montreal Canadians had a coach back in the early forties (Dick Irvin) that lost so many players to the war effort his team was devastated , he devised a method of play that had never been used before , every thing started from the defence out .
Over the years he perfected this into a system that he taught to every player that ever played for his team , Hector "Toe" Blake played for Irvin and learned this system from him as a player , when he took over as coach he improved on it further , he used what he called the "left wing trap" , every thing went up one side of the ice , it worked so well that every team started to use it .
What was a scape goat measure for loosing the best players on his team back in the forties to slow skating inferior talent has evolved into the game we have today , dump and chase hockey , not that slick fast passing take the puck away if you can game of of the old days ....
Exactly! As I wrote the other day, Scotty Bowman used this defensive stategy for years but had such skillful teams in Montreal that noone wrote about it! Bowman and Ruel had serious career ending injuries as youngsters and went into coaching and were schooled in the Montreal system!
And now back to Jim Gordon!
Bill Chadwick

They can fill the net on this guy tonight!
Phil Esposito

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